Wednesday, November 03, 2010

~ urg!!.. *grrr* ~

..well, no, I didn't mix up something, this is an old WIP that is supposed to be finished..and next easter will come faster than we think..

..but the problem oder better challenge is another..

..this project was hibernating for some time, so I wasn't aware of what I did when I continued crocheting...

..I definitely began correctly as I worked in mirror-converted manner, but after that time, I forgot about it, and completed it after pattern..

..and was wondering that it didn't match... ????? I hold together last night I saw the desaster...

.. and now I ask you...what would you do?..

..keep it like it is and consider it a very personal piece of art..

..or frog it and redo from the critical point...

..or just trash and forget it?

..the finished object looks like this..