Friday, June 12, 2009 memoriam..

Today is the 80th birthday of Anne Frank, the Jewish girl from Frankfurt that lived hidden with her familiy and some friends in a rear building in Amsterdam until they were found by Gestapo and deported to death camps. Her father was the only one who survived, and when he came home, he found Annes diary. It was published and is still a memorial to all of us to be attentive that a Holocaust will never recur.

RIP Anne, you gave us all so much.
In silent memory

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Socks 08/05/09 "Hubby House Socks"

First, thank you for the nice comments regarding the drops-socks.

Now I finally managed to complete the hubby house socks. Since I actually hate to work with more than one color, it extracted like jewing gum...

Knitting Time: Mai/June 2009
Material: 150 g Flotte Socke 6-ply with DPN 2,5.
Pattern: Hubby House Socks
Modification: I did not knit the heel in CC, it's too much color for me.

a cover for my puffy...

Well, I had to trash my old wing chair recently. It had the same blue-and-roses-pattern as the puffy and it made me sad to see it all the time, since I loved my chair very much. So I decided to crochet a new cover....

Crochettime: Mai/June 2009
Material: 450 g Caprice by Rellana in white and nature with double thread and hook 6,0.
Pattern: by Sophie