Monday, July 27, 2009

Socks 12/07/09 "Drops 14-10"

Tubular knitted bedsocks for Baby M., the July task.
Knitting Time: July 2009
Material: 50 g Flotte Socke "Sprenkel" with dpn 2,0
Source: Garnstudio

Socks 11/06/09 "Army Inspired Socks"

Since I was out of town for a while, I wasn't able to complete all tasks right in time.

But now I can show the "Army Inspired Socks", correctly in army-green accompanied by some beige and green buttons.

Knitting Time: June/July 2009
Material: 100 g Calzino and some rest of Regia with dpn 2,0
Source: see right side

Friday, June 12, 2009 memoriam..

Today is the 80th birthday of Anne Frank, the Jewish girl from Frankfurt that lived hidden with her familiy and some friends in a rear building in Amsterdam until they were found by Gestapo and deported to death camps. Her father was the only one who survived, and when he came home, he found Annes diary. It was published and is still a memorial to all of us to be attentive that a Holocaust will never recur.

RIP Anne, you gave us all so much.
In silent memory

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Socks 08/05/09 "Hubby House Socks"

First, thank you for the nice comments regarding the drops-socks.

Now I finally managed to complete the hubby house socks. Since I actually hate to work with more than one color, it extracted like jewing gum...

Knitting Time: Mai/June 2009
Material: 150 g Flotte Socke 6-ply with DPN 2,5.
Pattern: Hubby House Socks
Modification: I did not knit the heel in CC, it's too much color for me.

a cover for my puffy...

Well, I had to trash my old wing chair recently. It had the same blue-and-roses-pattern as the puffy and it made me sad to see it all the time, since I loved my chair very much. So I decided to crochet a new cover....

Crochettime: Mai/June 2009
Material: 450 g Caprice by Rellana in white and nature with double thread and hook 6,0.
Pattern: by Sophie

Monday, May 25, 2009

..these potholders...

..are some kind of an experiment. I wanted to use up all my rests of potholder-yarn, so I connected them by using the method russian join.
Mixed with a solid color it made these practical kitchen-equipment.

Well, the yarn is not that much appropriate for this purpose, since it devides easily and without cutting off some threads, it is too thick.

A good experience to get familiar with the procedure.

Crochettime: May 2009
Material: 100 g Coats Lyric 8/8 solid and 50 g rests in colored with needle 4,0.
Pattern: Sophie

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I participated in a project that showed thirty cups in thirty days. You can see it in my German blog.

This is the last one, and I posted it especially today in respect for
Norways National Holiday

"Ja, jeg elsker dette landet...."

Friday, May 15, 2009

I moved this blog...

I worked hard in the last two evenings, in order to rearrange everything, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as before.

Now access is easier for me, so that I can post on all my blogs simultaneously.

You will read more in the next days.

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Socks 07/04/09 " Drops 100-20"

Well, first I thought, I could make things easy and use a last years pattern....
But no, I'm a honest person and here it is:

Free chosen pattern from Garnstudio, Sokker task für April.
I knitted Drops 100-20 matching this cardi.

Knitting Time: April 2009
Material: 100 g Regia Cotton with dpn 2,0
Pattern: Drops 100-20

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Socks 06/03/09 "Owl"

Finished right in time, my "Owl" Socks.
I didn't knit them up to the knee, because the cables come out very thick.
In additon I tranferred the chart to my own approved pattern
and knitted them top-down - et voilà, they fit my foot.

Knitting Time: March 2009
Material: 100 g Flotte Socke 6-ply - the color is light grey, best on the first pic - with dpn 3,0.
Pattern: Owl Knee Socks

Friday, February 27, 2009

Socks 05/02/09 "Kerttu"

Februar task for Sokker KAL.
I'm really late this time, but I was suffering from a bursitis with following surgery.
Now knitting does not go that fast...
But here they are. Right in time.
I changed the pattern a little bit, as I added a smal cuff.
I prefer this version, since it does not slip down.

Knitting Time: Feburary 2009
Material: 100 g Flotte Socke 6-ply, dpn 3,0.
Pattern: Kerttu

Friday, January 23, 2009

Used Yarn 2008 in Total


Socks 01/01/09 "PI"

Brilliant idea, using "PI" and continue knitting the numbers as stripes.
I already saw some different ways to create the socks, two identical ones, or just following the numbers.
Since this pattern is easy, I just gave it a kick by firstly following the numbers which made irregular repeats, and secondly exchanging the colors.
That made two different socks on the first sight but on the second it matches.

Knitting Time: Jan. 2nd - Jan. 6th 2009
Material: 50 g Calzino and 50 g Fortissima, solid, dpn 2,0
Pattern: PI

Socks 34/23/08 "Muscari"

These are the last socks for the 2008 KAL that I completed.
Well, the pattern is easy, but it requires some attention in order to avoid missing a yarn over.

Knitting Time: December 2008 - Jan. 1st 2009
Material: 100 g Flotte Socke, solid, dpn 2,0.
Pattern: Muscari

Socks 34/22/08 " Nutkin"

The pattern was easy to knit and I proceeded fast as long as my shoulder didn't bother me.
I like the colorway, this multi purple, but I'm afraid it can not be seen so good on the pic. Dark colors and cameras - they don't like eachother...

Knitting Time: Dec. 3rd - Dec. 28th 2008
Material: 100 g Calzino Color, dpn 2,0
Pattern: Nutkin