Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Since I may participate in the Sokker KAL now, I've got to start early enough with my projects. This month the main task is to knit a pattern with cables, and the bonus are the monkeys from knitty. First I chose the Vinlandpattern for may cables, but then I found out that it is very complicated to knit and needs a lot of time. Just to be able to meet the deadline, I began the Husbeast Socks, an easy thing that will go very fast. Then I can try the Vinlands without any pressure. The Monkeys will grow as well relatively quick, it's not difficult to knit.
All patterns can be found below under "personal patterns"

Pic: top - Husbeast Socks, bottom - Monkey Socks.


  1. Nice socks you have knitted. I like yours blogs. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Fine sokker! Fortsatt god søndag.