Thursday, April 10, 2008

Socks 12/06/08 "Husbeast Socks" / "Vinland Socks"

These socks are knitted for reasons of precaution, since the Sokker KAL challenge for this month requires a selv chosen cabled pattern. I only modificated the given pattern as I knitted six rounds between the cables and not only three rounds. I like it better when the cables are not that close together.
Actually I decided to knit the "Vinland Socks". This pattern it not difficult, but very time-consuming, so that it may be possible that I will not be finished before the end of month. But see, the "Vinlands" are already in progress...

Material: Flotte Socke Colori 6-ply with dpn 3,0 mm.


  1. Kjempeflott ble sokkene dine. har strikka samme mønster og likte det kjempegodt. Nydelig farge.

  2. Nydelige sokker. jeg har strikket noe lignende, men med færre fletter.