Friday, March 07, 2008

Cookery show...

..I just got home, because I went to a cookery show with my friend next door. Our local shopping center celebrates it's 25th anniversary, and so a well-known cook created some wonderfull dishes. First there was a so-called "Bauernsalat". That are different sorts of green salats, black olives, cocktail-tomatoes and pistachios garnished with a special balsamico dressing. The highlight to this salat was a piece of baked feta-ost topped with a mixture of greens, olive-oil and spices. Then we had a chinese chickensoup with glass-noodles, followed by selfmade ravioli with cheese-filling and seafood. Afterwards we tasted strips of beef with diverse mushrooms, fried potatoes and cream sauce. And last but not least the cook served a local dessert made from yeast-balls, stewed fruit from pears and vanilla sauce. Hmm, it was all perfect and so yummiiieee. At the end we got a little cookbook with all these recipes in. Well, I'm sure, I will try the one or the other...but they are supposed to be in the "slow food" way - as opposite to "fast food" - , which means, I must have a lot of time to prepare and eat it...*smile*

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