Sunday, February 17, 2008

Old Memories...

I was preparing some dough for baking cookies this afternoon, and when I opened the box, where I keep my "baking secrets", I suddenly remembered all these years I used to live in Norway. Well, it's ages ago, but I still have flashes about the one or the other memory once in a while. I really loved this country, and I was very sad when I had to move back home. Now, almost 20 years later, I'm still familiar with the language, that's why I'm reading Norwegian blogs as well. But I'm not able to write, I never learned it. I could write down after hearing and suppose that it would be almost correct, but I can't express in a proper grammatical way. This would be very embarasing, so I would never really try to do so.

I loved all seasons there, but I prefered winter time. It is cold and dry, due to less humidity, and when the sun is shining, it's wonderful. I lived in the Oslo area, and there you can do a lot of sports like alpine skiing, cross country, telemark, skating etc.

In all these years we had a White Christmas. I remember looking into the sky, see big snowflakes falling down, the illuminated town in the background and waiting for Santa Claus to appear with his sledge every minute. This is our association to Christmas....Friends from the States told me that their children grew up in Key West, Florida and when they saw snow for the first time in their life, they were really scared, because they thought it was the end of the world and heaven was falling down.

Summers were hotter than in Middle Europe, but again due to humidity it felt not so hot as it really was. So I didn't care enough and was sunburned several times. Shame on me, I know that it's dangerous. In summertime we went swimmig in a lake nearby that was located in a little forest. The water did not reach caribian temperatures, but it was warm enough to swim..and in the background rose the all-season snow covered mountains. Fantastic view. Alternatively there was waterskiing, sailing etc. on the Fjord.

What else did we in our spare time? E.g. there were a lot of possiblities for trekking and hiking.
We rent a cottage up in Hemsedal in order to spent our weekends there. This is the best way to relax, to be away from home, I really didn't believe it before I tried.

I think I've got to stop here, otherwise I'm going to book the next flight to Gardemoen tomorrow...old memories, sweet memories...

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