Friday, February 15, 2008

My Mom

Today is a date to remember, annually...

Last year my mom had a very serious cardiac infarction, including reanimation and stent implantation, followed by intensive care. We were extremely shocked and stayed with her all the time. Doctors said that she had a guardian angel, since the cardiac arrest happened, when she was in medical care already. We are not very religious, but after she could get up again and walk a few steps, we went to the church nearby and lit a candle.

After she was released from hospital, she attended a rehabilitaion and recovered relatively fast. But in September she had to keep an appointment for follow-up examination. Now the result was not better than before. The stents could help only temporary so that a bypass operation was necessary. This happened in October and it took some more time to recover. But now she is doing better on every day and can live more or less as she did before.

Yes, it was a hard year, but we are thankfull that our mom is still with us and that she can celebrate two birthdays, one in February and one in June.

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