Monday, February 25, 2008

Knitting Dicipline

Reference to my entry from Friday, Feb. 15th
I had been thinking about this problem and decided to work out a monthly plan. Otherwise I would never be able to get on with my stash. In order to reduce my sock yarn stash, I will continue sticking to the sokker project, then I have to finish one gift for Christmas, well there are already a lot of ideas in my mind.. and if there is time left, I can work on other projects, especially my patchwork-leftover-blanket.....because I still have to take care of my house and garden, and I really didn't remember that it is a hell lot of work, if you will always keep everything clean and tidy. In all these years I wasn't at home more or less, I was only able to get the important things done, such as laundry, ironing and shopping. During vacation I cleaned the house, but this was never all I had to do. Gardening was impossible, so the place looked accordingly. And I admit that I didn't have any energy to do housework after 12-hour days. Only just a few rows of knitting in order to retire before bedtime. I already created a weekly plan for my housework and up to now it is working fine. I'm not finished with everything yet, and I didn't start the gardening yet, due to rainy weather, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But I realized as well, if the household has to be proper managed on a regular base, there is no time left for doing a job. I hope I will not mutate to a maniac for housework, this would definitely controvert my temper.....

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