Sunday, February 03, 2008

All New Year's Resolutions....

Well, I'm sure that you all know about this human attitude. When I lost my job in December, I said to myself: "Welcome to your new life, Sophie". I don't have any other chance than to make the best out of it. And how can I start successfully? Of course, stick consequently to all the pledges of last past years that never had a chance to be kept. Not so easy, I know, but it prevents you from falling in a big, deep and dark hole. And it challenges your inner temptation.....

So, what have I done so far?
First of all, I quit smoking....I did't plan it, it just came over I have to take care of my weight....but one after the other...
I began to clean up the house that hadn't seen more than absolutely necessary work in the past ten years...and I have to hurry since the garden already needs attention and it doesn't look better than the rest of the property.
I need more time as usual to take care of all my matters since I've got to finish all ways on foot or by bike.
And last but not least I began to clear up my stash and have a look through all the unfinished objects around the place.

What I will make out of these ufo's, all other material for hundreds of projects knitted and sewed, and some other passions I couldn't live for ages, I will share with you. I invite you, to comment my posts if you want, because it's always exiting to see what other members have to say about an entry.

Now I'll get back to my needles and I hope to be able to show you something finished tomorrow.

Best wishes Sophie

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